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Liandrie studied at Isa Carstens and received her Diploma in Somatology.

She is a qualified professional Somatologist with international accreditation

such as SAAHSP and CISDESCO.


“I chose SOMATOLOGY as my career path, not a beautician, beauty

therapist or cosmetologist. I chose to become a Somatologist. I am very

fortunate to say that I really love what I do.


I thought I would take the time to thoroughly explain what it is that I do.


Somatology, in short, is defined as the study of the body.

Three long, tough years of studies. It wasn’t about going to class and learning how to apply make-up or how to correctly paint nails. It was rather about the anatomy behind every single muscle in the human body, how to correctly apply machines to make your muscles move involuntarily, how to assist a client that has been fighting a lifelong battle with acne or pigmentation, how to advise a client on proper nutrition as well as supplements for a certain skincare condition. Make-up, nails, waxing, facials, massages etc. was included yes, but it is not what defines me as a Somatologist.


I don’t just do massages. I am trained in Swedish massage, Thai massage, hot stone massage, deep tissue massage, reflexology, and sports massages.

I don’t just do facials. I am trained in chemical peels, lymph drainage,

various machine applications, micro needling, microdermabrasion, laser therapy and many more. I don’t just do waxing. I am thoroughly trained to properly remove excess body hair without hurting the client. I don’t just advise clients to buy or use random products. I have years of vast knowledge about the skin and all its functions, and if that product is used correctly, you’ll thank me. I am not a beautician, beauty therapist or cosmetologist, however I have been trained to do it all.


I can ensure that you are in capable, skilled and very trustworthy hands.


I am a Somatologist.”


Liandrie is passionate about her industry. She strives to make her clients feel

confident and beautiful in their own skin, without having to hide behind

layers of make-up for feeling self-conscious. She has 11 years

of experience in the industry, having worked with numerous product

brands and devices. She has also worked alongside Aestheticians and acquired a lot of experience in the aesthetic industry.