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Ajita is a registered dietitian graduating from the University of Pretoria. She has a special interest in lifestyle diseases. She has successfully helped clients lose weight, manage diabetes , hypertension and cholesterol levels. With over 20 years experience in dietary and lifestyle changes, she has the skill and knowledge to personalise eating plans and make health goals easy and practical for clients. She is well known for educating and equipping clients with knowledge and practical tools to ensure long term success with health goals.



What to expect 

First consultation is for gathering information -  client' s diagnosis, blood results, current eating habits and lifestyle. Goals and timeline to achieve goals discussed. The consultation includes a body composition analysis. 

Second consultation - dietary analysis explained and new revised eating plan explained. 

Follow up consultation - weigh in with body composition analysis and education as required. Review progress to goal and adapt plan as required. 



Consultations for personalised eating plans (adults)

Vitality assessment (30min)(includes body composition analysis, excludes eating plan)

ure long term success with health goals.


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