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  • What is IV Vitamin Therapy?
    Intravenous vitamin therapy is a safe, medically approved process of administering vitamins and minerals directly into the body ensuring 100% absorption. IV vitamins and minerals bypass the digestive system and there are no negative side effects. When we are stressed, unwell, exercising or fatigued we deplete our vitamin reserves. With IV vitamin therapy we are putting back your vitamin and mineral levels to what they should be, that’s why it’s considered so safe and so effective.
  • What is the difference between oral vitamin supplementation and IV vitamin therapy?
    Oral vitamins move through the digestive system where the absorption might be decreased due to other factors. Vitamins and minerals administered intravenously guarantee 100% absorption in the body and a much higher dose of vitamins can be tolerated. The results are therefore very effective and longer lasting.
  • Is IV Therapy safe?
    IV vitamin therapy is 100% safe if you drip at a reputable clinic that offers medically approved vitamins that have been compounded in a sterile facility. All medical details must be provided beforehand and the drip needs to be administered by a registered nurse. Then you’re all good! Everyone can receive a drip, except people with severe kidney dysfunction and pregnant ladies. Even though it’s safe, the dosage may be too much for an unborn foetus, so we prefer not to drip pregnant ladies. ​
  • How often can I drip?
    It’s safe enough to receive weekly. In some cases even twice weekly. This keeps your energy and immune levels up beautifully especially in times of higher stress ​ ​
  • Is it painful?
    It’s a tiny little prick as the needle is inserted, then the needle is removed and a small plastic tube remains in the vein which is not painful at all. You won’t have any pain or discomfort once you are receiving the drip. The benefits far outweigh the 2 seconds of discomfort. ​ ​
  • How long does it take to administer?
    It takes between 15 minutes and one hour to administer, depending on which drip you select. The bigger your veins the quicker the drip can be. ​
  • What about side effects?
    There are no negative side effects at all and there is no down time. Drip, go and feel good. ​
  • When will I feel the effects and how long will they last?
    Some people feel the effects immediately, especially a sense of calm that comes over you. Others will feel it as the day goes on, and others when they wake up the next day. And the effects last approximately four weeks, depending on your lifestyle.​
  • Who will insert the drip?
    A registered nurse will insert the drip and administer your IV therapy.
  • What are you adding to the drip?
    We administer different amounts of Vitamin B12, Vitamin B Complex (all the other Vitamin B’s), Vitamin C, Magnesium and Glutathione, depending on the drip selected. All vitamin and mineral compounds are administered in saline which is made up of sodium chloride, which is safe and excellent for rehydration and replenishing electrolytes.
  • Where do you get the vitamins from?
    We purchase all our vitamins and minerals from reputible pharmaceutical companies. This ensures all our vitamins are pre-compounded at the correct dosage, making them the safest, most sterile and most effective vitamin drips in the country.
  • Can I combine different drips?
    Yes absolutely. The drips work beautifully together. We have a few popular combinations. Please ask your nurse for more information.
  • Is it addictive?
    No it is not addictive. But you will love the feeling of renewed energy levels, mental clarity and a sense of calm.
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