Start Moving, Start Living:

Considering recent global events, we had to adjust to a new “normal”. Our lives have become filled with one Zoom meeting after the other. We are glued to screens and time spent in front of a computer has significantly increased. Our sleeping patterns have taken a toll and stress has invaded all facets of our being. All of this in only a matter of a few months!

One positive outcome of the pandemic is that we have started to take our health more seriously. We follow guidelines and take precautionary measures to ensure systemic wellbeing. This is great news!

With this new outlook on general health we are happy to celebrate World Spine Day on 16 October 2020! The importance of spine health is key to proper function of the nervous system as well as our immune system. This year WSD is taking an important yet exciting approach: BACK ON TRACK!

We need to get back on track, not only metaphorically, but more importantly, physically! Start training for that marathon, start lifting those weights, start stretching those muscles and start moving! Why wait for a new year to set goals? We have been given an opportunity to re-imagine and redefine who we are!

It makes sense to start paying attention to our bodies. And what better way than to get that spine “up and running”!

Here are a few tips to start getting back on track with spinal health:

  • Maintain a healthy diet and weight. Proper nutrition is key to health! Vitamin D and Calcium are important for bone and joint health.

  • Start being active. Jogging, Yoga, Pilates and supervised weight training is a great way to start the day!

  • Avoid prolonged periods of inactivity.

  • Ensure proper work environment ergonomics.

  • Consult your Chiropractor to maintain a healthy and functional spine.

We are designed to move. We are filled with an ever-growing desire to strive for better, to be better! We have a way, and if we don’t, we make our own. We are wonderfully and intricately made; we just need to start moving and start living!

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